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The team at MBY Empire Inc. goes to great lengths to research the latest aesthetic treatment platforms on the market. That’s why they decided to add the TempSureⓇ laser to provide advanced treatments to all their clients in Valley Stream, New York. Schedule a consultation today online or by phone to learn what the TempSure laser system can do for you.

Tempsure Laser Q & A

What is the TempSure laser?

The TempSure laser is an aesthetic treatment platform created by CynosureⓇ. This system can deliver numerous benefits with the addition of customized handpieces. 

The system is powered by a 300-watt generator and delivers 4MHZ radiofrequency energy. That allows your practitioner to create outstanding results that are safe, effective, and predictable. 

What are the benefits of radiofrequency treatments as compared to cosmetic surgery?

Radiofrequency energy treatments work by creating heat in the deeper layers of your skin. That heat causes your skin to constrict, delivering an immediate tightening effect. It also stimulates new collagen production, which serves to smooth and plump your skin. 

There’s no denying that cosmetic surgery can achieve impressive results. But many men and women want to improve their appearance without the risks associated with an invasive surgical procedure. 

That includes the risks of anesthesia and complications during and after cosmetic surgery. These procedures also require lengthy downtime as your body recovers. 

Radiofrequency energy does most of its work in the deeper layers of your skin. You might experience some mild and temporary redness or swelling, but there is no need for anesthesia or bandaging. 

The TempSure system also offers a patented real-time temperature sensing capability. The platform tracks the temperature of your skin and makes adjustments at a rate 100 times faster than competing systems. That means a low risk of thermal damage and more comfortable treatment sessions.  

How many TempSure treatments will I need to achieve optimal results?

The TempSure EnviⓇ platform can be used for skin tightening, laser hair removal, spider vein treatments, cellulite reduction and more. During your initial visit, your practitioner will estimate how many sessions you’ll need to get the best possible results. 

Everyone’s body responds a little differently to radiofrequency treatments, so your treatment plan may shift and change as you move forward. You may need fewer sessions or you might need to wait longer between visits, depending on how your body responds. 

Schedule a consultation today to learn more about TempSure and the outcomes this innovative platform can create. Online scheduling is available, or you can always call in or stop by to check appointment availability.